Board calls for November bond election

After months of discussion, Alvarado ISD’s Board of Trustees unanimously voted to call a November bond election. The $44 million bond package would fund a new junior high, a high school auditorium and a new parking lot at the football stadium.

“A steering committee made up of community members and school personnel met a number of times last year to analyze the facility needs of the district and to prioritize them,” said Chester Juroska, Alvarado ISD Superintendent. “We also conducted two surveys and the results of those surveys and the committee’s recommendation were then submitted to the school board.

“The top three items were those selected by the Board to undertake. We have other needs, but we can afford to do only so much with our current resources.”

Alvarado ISD is in a unique situation in that fluctuating property values could keep the Board from selling all of the bonds at once if the referendum passes.

The reason for holding on to some of the bonds would be to make sure there will sufficient funds to finish a junior high before moving on to other identified projects.

“Our school board is a financially conservative body and is cautious about over-extending the district financially,” Juroska said.