Alvarado Independent School District

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Community, business leaders read at AEN

Students at Alvarado Elementary North were treated to visitors from the community last week as part of the district’s Indian Friend Reading Day program.

Community and business leaders in Alvarado volunteered to read to a class and speak with the students about what it is they do in the community.

Readers included representatives from local businesses like Thompson Pipe, First Baptist Church of Alvarado, Alvarado Police Department, the Alvarado Lions Club and the Alvarado Fire Department.

“We’re so thankful to have a community of caring people in Alvarado called the Indian Readers,” principal LouAnne Stevens said. “Every student at North was able to see how important reading is in every walk of life and for every person no matter their age. We thank our 19 readers for helping us reach our Wildly Important Goal!”