Alvarado Independent School District

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AISD DigiCon hosts over 70 student presenters

Alvarado ISD’s technology department hosted its annual DigiCon on Monday at Alvarado Junior High. DigiCon has quickly become the district’s digital showcase for students and teachers.

Students are nominated for DigiCon based on their work throughout the school year.

“We ask teachers to think back over their students’ work and think about the things they have done a great job of applying technology to,” said Julie Holland, Director of Technology. “Really we’re looking for everyday work or content that the kids just happened to use technology on, not really a technology project.”

At the DigiCon event, students talk to attendees about their project and what they learned. There are also teacher features, where teachers showcase tools and strategies they are using in the classroom with other teachers and parents.

This year, 90 students were nominated and over 70 participated in the event.