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Zika Virus

Zika Virus Protection and Prevention
Measures for Individuals to Protect Themselves from Mosquito Bites
 wear insect repellent,
 cover up with long-sleeved shirts and long pants,
 keep mosquitoes out with air conditioning or intact window screens, and
 limit outdoor activities during peak mosquito times.
Measures for Individuals to Prevent Mosquito Breeding
 At least weekly, carefully check the area around your home, school or workplace for mosquito breeding areas:
 clear and empty gutters;
 empty or get rid of cans, buckets, old tires, pots, plant saucers and other containers that hold water;
 remove standing water around structures and from flat roofs;
 change water in pet dishes daily;
 rinse and scrub vases and other indoor water containers weekly;
 change water in wading pools and bird baths several times a week;
 maintain backyard pools or hot tubs;
 cover trash containers;
 water lawns and gardens carefully so water does not stand for several days;
 screen rain barrels and openings to water tanks or cisterns; and
 treat front and back door areas of homes with residual insecticides if mosquitoes are abundant nearby.
 If mosquito problems persist, consider pesticide applications for vegetation around the home.
Measures to Protect Communities from Zika Virus
 conduct neighborhood outreach about active precautions individuals can take to protect themselves and their families from mosquito bites;
 initiate or enhance monitoring and surveillance of mosquito activity;
 develop a local contingency plan for mosquito abatement and surveillance, and plan for additional control measures if needed;
 keep public drains and ditches clear of weeds and trash so water will not collect;
 implement efforts to clean up illegal dump sites and collect heavy trash; and
 encourage people to report illegal dumpsites and standing water, and respond quickly to these complaints. Communications Resources
 Sharable graphics for social media:
 Fact sheets and posters: