Freshman Velasquez earns all-state choir honors

Freshman Velasquez earns all-state choir honors
Posted on 01/18/2019
Velasquez earns all-state choir honors

Alvarado High School choir students earning a place on the All-State Choir is becoming as commonplace as paying taxes. For the 14th year in a row AHS will be represented on the All-State Choir as freshman Diana Velasquez was named to the choir last weekend.

While having a student on the All-State Choir is nothing new, the fact that Velasquez is a freshman is a first for AHS.

“At the beginning of the year (Edward) Smith told me there’d never been a freshman from Alvarado make All-State Choir and I just thought to myself, ‘I want to be that freshman,’” Velasquez said.

Smith, who has been the high school choir director for xx years says having a freshman earn all-state status should give other young choir students confidence that they can do the same.

“We’ve had a couple sophomores come through, but it has primarily been students who are juniors and seniors who make all-state,” Smith said. “Diana is an exceptional talent and she proved that by being our first freshman, but I hope all of choir students, even at the junior high and intermediate, take notice that it’s an achievable goal that can be done as soon as they get to high school.”

Velasquez spent extra time practicing on the audition music with Smith and assistant choir director Johanna Ray, but also credits a lot of individual time outside of school with helping put her over the top.

“I spent so much time practicing,” Velasquez said. “I learned to play the music on the piano and practiced a lot with just me and the piano. That extra time playing the music as I practiced really helped put it all together for me.”

Although she can cross making the All-State Choir off her list of goals, she is excited about what the next three years of choir will bring.

“I’m not nearly done,” she said. “Of course I’d like to make all-state again, but I’d like to do a solo or ensemble next year and go to state. I’d also like to use choir to get a scholarship for college.”

Senior Faith Waugh narrowly missed earning all-state recognition as she was named second alternate.

“We are extremely proud of Faith for what she accomplished in being the second-alternate,” Smith said. “Faith and Diana are both great examples for our other kids to watch and emulate if they want to be successful in choir and in life.”

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