Sneed earns all-state band honors

Senior Sneed earns all-state band honors
Posted on 01/18/2019
Senior Sneed earns all-state band honors

AHS senior trumpet player Zach Sneed extended one streak and snapped another last weekend when he was named to the All-State Band.

The Golden Warrior Band has had at least one member earn all-state honors since 2010, but Sneed is the first to do so with the trumpet since 2001.

“This is such a big thing for me,” Sneed said. “I’ve always thought it was the coolest thing to go and represent the band and the trumpet section with the best from around the state.

Sneed barely missed out on making all-state as a sophomore, missing it by one chair.

“That’s when I first realized this was something that was attainable,” he said. “My sophomore year I practiced a lot, made area and then got fifth chair, but they only take four.

“Missing it like that really drove me, but I think a huge difference between then and now is age and maturity.”

Sneed’s perseverance in reaching his goal did not go unnoticed by the band’s directors.

“It would have been easy to get extremely frustrated by missing all-state by just one chair, but Zach didn’t stop working,” band director Patrick Dietz said. “He is a great representation of our band in that our kids work extremely hard and are driven to be successful, just as he is.”

For Sneed, earning all-state honors is a dream come true, but it was a lot more than just a dream.

“Dreaming is a big part of making what you want to happen, happen,” he said. “But you have to have goals. Without goals dreams are just dreams.”

“I’ve always loved band and want to continue playing in college. Now maybe I’ll have a chance to earn some scholarships to help me continue to play.”

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