AISD Radio

Alvarado ISD brings you live events from around the school district through Mixlr and NFHS - web-based broadcast programs. Through Mixlr, listeners can listen to a live event if there is one happening live or check out the district's archived events. NFHS currently has access to stream all games on the AHS gym's main court and any events held at Charles Head Stadium 

To listen to a game or event happening now, visit the Mixlr page HERE. You can also access it through the Mixlr app for your mobile device and search for Alvarado Indians. You can subscribe to the Alvarado Indians page to receive updates anytime an event goes live.

The NFHS Network for live and archived videos can be found HERE. There is a subscription fee of $10 per month or $70 per year to view all events. 

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