Early Childhood Education

Full-Day PRE-KINDERGARTEN (Face-to-Face or Virtual)


  • Registration is completed online at https://alvarado-registration.hosted.src-solutions.com/login. The following documents must be uploaded into the registration program.

    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card (optional)
      • If you choose not to use the Social Security Number and would like to have a State ID Number assigned, you do not need to provide a copy of the Social Security Card. Your child will be reported with the State ID Number.
    • Immunization Records
    • Proof of Residency (must be a bill such as: electric, water, gas, or lease)
    • Parent's Driver's License or ID Card
    • Income Verification (if qualifying based on income) such as:
      • Last two months of household's income
      • Paychecks or notarized letter from employer stating gross wages and how often paid
      • Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) benefits letter
    • Department of Defense Identification (if qualifying based on military)
    • Letter documenting conservatorship by the DFPS (if qualifying based on foster placement)
    • Star of Texas Award Certification
    • Dr. Lori Nunez, Chief Special Programs Officer at 817.783.6800 ext: 1041 or [email protected]
    • Mrs. Griselda Ponce - District Registrar at 817-783-6800 ext: 1023 or [email protected] 
    • Ms. Dylan Highfill - Upbring Head Start Family Advocate at 512-459-1000 ext: 7442 or [email protected]

The MISSION of Alvarado ISD's Pre-kindergarten Program is to provide planned, purposeful, engaging, experiences that creates the foundation for positive social-emotional development and academic learning for every student.

The VISION of Alvarado ISD's Prekindergarten Program is to create learning opportunities to enrich the foundation for kindergarten-ready students.

Early childhood education is vitally important to your child's development and school-readiness. "If you want a college and career-ready high school graduate, you must have a kindergarten-ready preschooler."(Dr. Kent P. Scribner)


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