District Communications

Updates and announcements from Dr. Estes and district departments are listed below.

Grading Policy Update: April 14 (Updated Grading Policy for Spring 2020)

Technology Update: April 3 (Update about Second Device Distribution)

Child Nutrition Update: April 1 (Safety Update and Non-Student Car Instructions)

Superintendent's Update: March 31 (Johnson County Schools Extend Closure)

Social Worker's Update: March 31
(Social Worker Contact Information)

Superintendent's Update: March 29 (General Update)

Instructional Update: March 27
(Remote Learning Instructions)

Instructional Update: March 24 (Study Island Instructions)

Technology Update: March 23 (Information About Device Pickup)

Superintendent's Update: March 19 (General Update)

Superintendent's Update: March 13 (School Closure Until March 30)

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