JROTC cadets in Academic and Leadership Bowls

JROTC cadets participating in Academic and Leadership Bowls
Posted on 03/03/2021
JROTC Leadership Team

Alvarado High School’s JROTC will be competing in the Army JROTC Academic and Leadership Bowls this week after advancing to the second level in February.

The academic team consists of Dylan Hutchison, Ashley Northrip, Trey Reuland, Audrey Smith and Ethan Taylor. The leadership team comprises Jaxen Cheek, Celeste Croslin, Chinia Hafford-Robinson, Eric Petty and Keith Scullin. Both teams are looking to advance to the third and final round of competition that is scheduled for Washington D.C. in June.

“Both teams studied very hard just to get past round one,” SFC Chris Alston said. “This is very new to the freshmen scholars that make up the academic team because of the ACT/SAT questions they have to answer.”

The Academic Bowl consists of a test which includes a mix of JROTC curriculum as well as English, math and science questions. The JROTC curriculum questions focus primarily on leadership preparation, wellness and fitness, group/team dynamics and communication skills.

There will also be a few questions about current events that focus on national and international news, particularly international relations, politics, business and science.

The Level II competition will consist of 15 percent JROTC questions, 75 percent SAT/ACT questions and 10 percent current events questions.

For the Leadership Bowl, teams are tested over their knowledge of JROTC curriculum and leadership theories. Leadership theories tested are Emerging Leader, Developing Leader, Supervising Leader and Managing Leader.

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