Staff Meal Prices

Staff Meal Prices

Staff meals prices are currently $2.75 for breakfast and $3.70 for lunch.


Why does the staff have to pay for their own meal?

USDA provides funding for school districts to afford healthy meals for students at a low cost to families, but they do not provide funding for staff meals.  USDA rules prohibit Federal funds, student payments, and other nonprofit food service revenues from being used to support the costs of adult meals.

Why does the cost of adult meals rise each year?

Adult meal prices must be set at a price sufficient to cover the overall cost of the meal. As pricing goes up everywhere, we must raise our prices too.   Price must cover the cost of: 
  • Food & Labor 
  • Value of USDA Foods 
Can the student give me their meal?

An adult is not allowed to consume any part of a meal served to a student. If an adult eats from a student tray, the meal is no longer reimbursable.

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