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Alvarado ISD strives to provide all students, faculty, and staff with a safe and orderly working and learning environment. AISD is aware that bullying is a problem in our society and Alvarado ISD is not immune to this problem. We are committed to prohibiting bullying to the best of our ability and teaching our students to be resilient in situations involving bullying and/or harassment.

AISD recognizes that it takes the combined efforts of the faculty, staff, administration, parents, students, and community to significantly reduce the instances of bullying and harassment. Please share with your student the importance of notifying an adult at school if they are being bullied. Too often, schools are notified about a bullying situation after it is too late. By letting the school know early we can work together to resolve the situation. We also strongly encourage you to let your children know that you will not tolerate any type of bullying behavior from them. Parents and students can report bullying and harassment on the "bully report" link on our AISD Smartphone App, by calling the Bully Hotline (817) 783-1185, sending an email to, or by notifying an AISD employee.

AISD Anti-Bully Policy and Procedures
Bullying Tips
Pledge to End Bullying