Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your hours of operation?

2. What age group children do you enroll?
6 weeks through 5 years of age.

3. Who may enroll in your child care facility?
If you are a parent or legal guardian and work for Alvarado School District, then your child may enroll at the center.

4. What are the tuition rates for children?
Click on question to find tuition rates.

5. Does the Learning Center accept drop-ins?
Yes, only if room is available. The daily rate for a drop-in is $35.00.

6. How is tuition paid?
Tuition is payroll deducted.

7. Are there any other fees that need to be paid?
Yes. You will need to pay an annual registration fee in September. The cost is $35 per child or $60 per family. This is payroll deducted as well and will be taken out of your September payroll each year.

8. What about lunches?
Your child can bring a sack lunch from home or you may order him/her a hot lunch from the cafeteria each day. Lunches ordered from the cafeteria are totaled at the end of each month and will be payroll deducted as well.

9. Are you open in the summer?
No. We operate on the same school calendar as the school district.

10. Do you provide transportation for the children?
No. Parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up their children.

11. If I work for the school district, what do I need to do to enroll my child?
You will need to fill out an enrollment package along with a copy of your child's updated immuniztions. You will also need a physical well statement from your child's pediatrition stating they are physically well to be in a child care center.

12. What is the contact information to the Learning Center?
Heidi Mckay, Director. 102 N. Bill Jackson Drive, Alvarado, TX. 76009 [email protected] 817-783-1140

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