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Drug Testing Program

The purpose of the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Program is to:

1. Support programs that prevent violence in and around schools.
2. Prevent the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.
3. Involve parents.
4. Coordinate with related federal, state, and community efforts and resources to promote safe and drug-free
schools and communities.

The Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (SDFSCA) of 1994 was established to provide state and local educational
funding to develop and enhance educational programs of violence and drug prevention, early intervention, and
rehabilitation referral in elementary and secondary schools.

To support the goals of SDFSCA P.L. 103-382, Alvarado I.S.D. will implement and support the following:
1. A voluntary drug testing program
2. A TRIBES exclusionary approach to classroom management
3. Implementation of a comprehensive approach to student support which will include the following:
A. Support--Children and adolescents need to experience support, care, and love from their families and many
others. They need organizations and institutions that provide positive, supportive environments.
B. Empowerment--Young people need to be valued by their community and have opportunities to contribute to
others. For this to occur, they must be safe and feel secure.
C. Boundaries and Expectations--Children need to know what is expected of them and whether activities and
behaviors are "in bounds" or "out of bounds."
D. Constructive Use of Time--Children need constructive, enriching opportunities for growth through creative
activities, youth programs, congregational involvement and quality time at home.
E. Commitment to Learning--Young people need to develop a lifelong commitment to education and learning.
F. Positive Values--Youth need to develop positive values such as caring for others, promoting equality, concern
for the elimination of social injustices, honesty, responsibility for actions, and self-restraint.
G. Social Competencies--Young people need skills and competencies that equip them to make positive choices,
build relationships, and succeed in life.
H. Positive Identity--Young people need a strong sense of their own power, purpose, worth and promise.

School Initiatives

  • Prevention
  • Peer Assistance
  • Counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Behavior Initiative
  • Educational Opportunities for Success
  • Behavior Initiative
  • Scholarships
  • Community Service
  • Goal Setting
  • Intervention
  • Referrals