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Energy Management

The single most expensive commodity purchased by Alvarado ISD is energy. It is our goal to reduce and conserve energy to the maximum amount possible without creating a negative effect on the learning environment. This can only be done with the assistance and cooperation of all district personnel. Saving energy allows us to divert monies that would have otherwise been spent on energy for other, more high-priority district needs.

Energy Management System (EMS)

The Operations department is responsible for developing and implementing guidelines to manage our consumption of electricity, natural gas and water. A major tool is the  computerized Energy Management System (EMS). This system permits us to monitor and control the air conditioning systems in the majority of the district's facilities.

Classrooms are set to 72 degrees with the ability to adjust the temperature set point up or down two degrees on the thermostat.

District HVAC units are scheduled on at 6:30 a.m. and will be turned off at 4:30 p.m.  Rooms have an override button which staff can push to turn the air back on.  The override switch turns off after two hours.  

Energy Management Plan

It is the goal of Alvarado ISD to reduce energy consumption in order to be good stewards of tax payer dollars, free up more money for educational programs, and create a healthy environment for our students.

  1. School buses will not be allowed to idle for more than five minutes.
  2. Individual campuses will get student groups involved in our energy management efforts (Green Teams, Watt Watchers, etc).
  3. Personal appliances will not be allowed in the classrooms.  This includes but is not limited to refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, hot plates, and space heaters.
  4. We will turn off all computers, projectors, and office equipment before leaving each day.  The technology department will turn off any computers that are left on after 7:00 pm.
  5. Staff will turn off the lights when they leave the room.
  6. We will purchase commercially available light bulbs with the fewest watts necessary for instructional facility lighting.
  7. District HVAC units will not be turned on until 6:30 AM and will be turned off at 4:30 PM.
  8. The set points on the thermostats will be set to 72° on the low side and 76° on the high side.
  9. The use of personal lamps in the classrooms should be limited, and any personal lamps that are used should have an energy efficient bulb.
  10. Plug-in air fresheners will not be used in the buildings.
  11. Rope and string lighting will not be used in school buildings.
  12. Motion sensing lights will be properly set to efficiently manage energy.
  13. Internal energy audits will be conducted annually to look for ways to save energy.
  14. We will purchase energy star rated appliances.
  15. We will consider energy conservation when making decisions.
  16. The campus administration will look for energy waste while walking the campuses (i.e. doors propped open, sprinklers going during the heat of the day).
  17. We will incorporate energy efficient design in new construction.
  18. We will close the doors and turn off the lights to classrooms when they are not occupied.
  19. Campus Administrators will ensure that all doors and windows remain closed while HVAC equipment is in operation; classroom doors should remain closed during the school day.

After Hours Events

Please submit an Event Notification Form to have air scheduled for the event with as much advanced notice as is possible to help ensure that air is scheduled for your event.  Please provide at least three working days advanced notice. 

Override Function

All thermostats have an override function.  If you come in to work after hours, you may turn on the override function to turn on the air in your room for two hours.  The override function for most thermostats in the district is a button on the side of the thermostat.  If you push this button, it will over ride the schedule and provide two hours of air.  

Thermostat Instructions