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Fire Prevention

Tips for Teachers

  1. Nothing should be hung from the ceiling.

  2. Fire rated doors should not be blocked open for any reason. Door stops may not be used to keep a fire rated door open. 

  3. Surge protectors should not be plugged into extension cords or each other.

  4. Extension cords should not be used in lieu of permanent wiring.

  5. Doors and exits should not be blocked (i.e. don’t stack stuff in front of the doors).

  6. Fire extinguishers should not be blocked.

  7. Nothing should be stacked within three feet of breaker boxes, heaters, etc.

  8. Nothing may be stored in mechanical or electrical closets.

  9. Nothing should be stacked within 24” of the ceiling.

  10. Nothing should be stacked in the hall that impedes the flow of traffic.

  11. Teachers should not have candles in their classroom.

  12. Teachers should not store combustible/flammable materials in their classrooms. This includes paint, aerosol cans, hay, fertilizer, etc. These materials should be stored in approved containers.

  13. Multi-plug adapters other than power strips are not allowed.

Tips for Administrators

  1. All exits, hallways, corridors, etc used in connection with an exit must be free from obstructions [UFC 1203.1]

  2. All exit doors must be unlocked and working properly. (They cannot be dead bolted, chained, etc) [UFC 1203.1]

  3. Illumination of the means of egress and exit signs must be properly maintained. [UFC 1211.1]

  4. There is to be no storage under an exit stairway. [UFC 1210.3] Storage is allowed when it is not within an exit enclosure and such spaces are protected on the enclosed side by a one hour fire resistant construction.