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Integrated Pest Management

Maintenance provides exterminator service to all buildings at no cost to the site. Buildings are treated for roaches, rodents, and other pest on a regular basis. If you have a need for this service beyond our normal schedule, please submit a work order to your building principal.


DO NOT BRING PESTICIDES OF ANY KIND onto Alvarado ISD property. This is illegal and can result in fines of up to $5,000 per day per occurrence. If found on school property, they will be confiscated and disposed of without the consent of the purchaser. Any person bringing pesticides of any form onto Alvarado ISD property will face potential disciplinary action.

We cannot treat for pests that are not currently infesting the building. We may treat only specific, targeted pests, in specific areas, meaning that we cannot legally just “ spray the building for bugs”.

Bees, Wasps, Ants

The presence of bees and /or wasps is considered an emergency, since reaction to their stings can be quite severe. Call the maintenance department immediately, and someone will be dispatched to eliminate them. We cannot come for one individual bee or wasp, but we will respond promptly when a nest is reported.

Fire ants are not considered an “emergency” by the Texas Structural Pest Control board. When they are problematic, any scented aerosol (hair spray, all-purpose cleaner, etc) may be lightly sprayed on their trail to disrupt it. Since ants follow scent trails to get where they are going, they will be lost and will normally return to their nests. Alternatively, the ants can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. This should take care of them until our licensed pest control technician comes to kill the mound.


  1. Store all food in airtight containers to discourage foraging ants, roaches, rodents, etc, from infesting the area.

  2. Clean all crumbs and spilled food immediately -- do not leave it out overnight.

  3. Do not leave open soft drink containers sitting around either, as they also attract ants and roaches.

  4. Keep exterior hallways doors closed to prevent insects and rodents from entering the building from outdoors. This also saves on energy and increases the security of the building against human intruders.