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Keys and Locks

Campus Keys

All keys used in a school will be the responsibility of the principal.  Requests for permanent issuance of keys may be made only when an employee regularly needs a key to carry out normal activities of the assigned position.  The decision of whether or not to issue a key is at the discretion of the building principal.

Keys may be issued on a temporary basis with the approval of the principal. A key card showing the number of the key and the room(s) or building(s) it opens will be signed by the person to whom the key is issued. Upon return of the key by the school employee, this receipt will be cancelled. Each principal will set up a key control system with a record of the number of each key for each building. The person issued a key will be responsible for its safekeeping and may be held responsible for any costs associated with rekeying due to the loss of a key.  

Keys will be used only by authorized personnel and will never be loaned to students.

The Operations Department has key control forms available to assist building principals with the management of the keys assigned to them.  

Other Building Keys

Staff assigned to locations other than campuses should request their keys from their department head or immediate supervisor (i.e. Special Education Director, Athletic Director, Technology Director, etc.)

Custodial Keys

Custodians will be issued keys by the Operations Department and should never be issued keys by anyone else.

Child Nutrition Keys

Keys for the Child Nutrition employees will be issued by the Operations Department and should never be issued by anyone else.

Key Duplication

Keys are not to be duplicated by anyone other than the district locksmith.

Damaged Locks or Keys

If you have a key that is broken or worn out through normal use, please turn it back into Operations, and we will replace it at no charge.  If we have to replace a core that is not functioning correctly and that core requires new keys, we will issue those keys to the building principal at no charge.  

Lost Keys

If you have keys lost that will affect the security of the building, you should contact the Assistant Superintendent immediately so that steps can be taken to address the issue.

If you have a key that is lost or you need an additional key, you will need to issue a PO to cover the cost of the replacement key.