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In our district’s quest to be the most sought after district in the State of Texas, we want all of our district facilities to inspire and empower learners.  In order to reach this goal, we must establish standards.

Paint Schedule

All district facilities will follow a painting rotation from year to year. During the rotation it may be necessary to change the order in which the facilities are scheduled.  We, however, will try not to alter the schedule and to provide as much notice as is possible if the schedule has to be altered.  

2021 LES             2027 AIS
2022 AHS   2028 AIS
2023 AHS   2029 AEN
2024 Ancillary Buildings (Charles Head, Community Ed, etc)   2030 AES
2025 AJH   2031 Administration, Technology, & Operations
2026 AJH      

Facility painting will occur over the summer and during district holidays when students and staff are not in the building.   Any requests for painting outside of the painting schedule will be deferred until the scheduled time for the campus.

Emergency Painting

Although emergency painting is rare, it may be necessary to repaint certain areas or rooms before a campus’s scheduled time.   Each of these occurrences will be handled on a case by case basis.  Any painting during the school day will be coordinated with the campus administrator. 

Elective Painting Outside of the Painting Schedule

If a principal wishes to have an area painted outside of the regular paint schedule, Operations will coordinate with the campus principal and assist with getting pricing from an outside vendor.  This painting will generally occur on weekends and holidays.  Expenses for elective painting will be covered by campus funds.

Painting of any district property shall be performed by Operations staff or a vendor selected by the Operations department and the campus principal.  Campus staff members will not be allowed to paint their own rooms, halls, or other areas.

Paint Policy

For more information, please see our Operations Department Paint Policy.