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Playground Equipment

The Alvarado ISD Maintenance Department has an on-going program to provide a safe and hazard-free playground environment.  Safety inspectors regularly inspect playground equipment to assure that each piece meets state and federal guidelines and to observe any safety problems with the equipment.

All problems are promptly repaired.  Equipment that can not be brought into compliance will be removed.  Impact surfaces have been installed under all equipment that requires such precautions.

New Playground Equipment

The goal of our playgrounds is to make them challenging, fun, accessible, low maintenance, and above all safe.  The following procedures have been established to help us accomplish our goal.

Early in the process of planning the purchase of new equipment, the Alvarado ISD maintenance department should be consulted about the site on which you are thinking of installing the new play area.  Their representative will survey the site to insure that adequate drainage exists, that there are no gas, water, irrigation, or electric lines that might be disturbed during excavation, that access to the site can readily be provided and that there is adequate area for use/fall zones, etc.

All new playground equipment must meet the latest published standards/guidelines for both the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  All new equipment designs should take into account the Americans with Disabilities Act and access for our handicapped children both to the site and to the equipment itself.