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Work Orders

Emergency Repairs

Services provided in emergencies extends to problems which effect life, health, safety, will cause severe damage to a building, or effect the schools ability to perform its educational mission (water main breaks, major electrical power failures, broken handrails along stairs, inability to secure the building, etc).  Campuses should call the Operations office if they have an emergency during the school day or the maintenance supervisor if they have an emergency after hours.  

Routine Repairs

Service is provided as soon as it can be scheduled for routine problems. These include interior door problems, shelf installation, drinking fountains, etc. We strive to keep all requests as free of red tape as possible. While emergencies and urgent requests may be phoned in by a campus administrators, we ask that all routine requests be submitted through Maintenance Direct, our online work order system.
Once a work order is submitted by an educator it is forwarded to the campus principal or her designee.  Once a work order has been approved by the campus, it is submitted to the maintenance department. Once received by maintenance, work orders are assigned a priority (emergency, urgent, or routine). Emergency and urgent request are dispatched to maintenance personnel immediately. The target for completing routine service is three work days.
It should be noted that backlogs are inevitable. There may be several weeks delay in some instances. Depending upon the nature of the work and what is required in the way of planning (drawings, permits, scheduling, securing material, etc) scheduling may have to wait until preliminary work is completed. You can track the status of your work order in Maintenance Direct.

Maintenance Direct

Maintenance Direct is a Cloud-based corrective work order management solution that allows us to manage the work order process from request to completion.   It allows work order requests to be submitted from anywhere that you have web access, and it allows you to track the progress of the work order that you submitted.  You can set your account up to email you each time the status changes on a work order that you submitted, or you can simply login and check for changes in the status.  It also allows Operations staff to route, prioritize, and rank work order requests in real time by project, location, budget and available inventory.  Our staff is able to receive requests in the field via mobile device and track all work orders submitted in order to ensure prompt and efficient processing of requests.

You can access Maintenance Direct by typing into your browser. 

New User

If you are a new user, the webpage will ask you for your organization account number.  You can get this number from your campus administrator along with a requester user manual for maintenance direct to assist you in setting up your account.  Once you enter the organization code, your browser will take you to a new page that asks for your email address.  You may want to bookmark this page for future use to avoid having to enter your organization code each time you wish to enter a work order.

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Entering a Maintenance Request

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