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Transfer Scholars

Alvarado ISD is now accepting admission applications for out-of-district students for the 2024- 2025 school year. Please complete the application using the link below. Once we have reviewed the information we will contact you with our decision. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis by the Campus Administrator and Superintendent for one school year. Applications must be completed each year for consideration to stay in the district.

transfer Application

Who can apply for a transfer?

  • Non-resident Scholars (Scholars not living within Alvarado ISD boundaries)
  • A resident student who becomes a non-resident during the course of the school year: 
    • Any K-8 student may request to remain in Alvarado ISD until the end of the current school year. 
    • Any 9-12 student may request to remain in Alvarado ISD until graduation from high school.
  • A Student of a Non-resident Educator

Transfer Guidelines

Criteria considered for approval or denial for the admission application by the District is as follows:

  • Results of parent and student interviews
  •  Commitment to and support of the program by the parents and students
  •  Student academic records and test information
  •  Conduct records
  •  Attendance information
  •  Verification of good standing
  •  Acceptable state assessment scores

Admission application requests will NOT be granted to any student whose records indicate any of the
following during the previous year:

  •  Was placed in an Alternative Placement Center
  •  Was expelled for any reason
  •  Accumulated excessive absences
  •  Did not have a passing grade in core subjects (English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies)
  •  On probation, on conditional release, or has been convicted of a criminal offense

In addition, the request will be denied if granting the admission would result in hiring of additional staff, purchasing equipment or adding facilities.

Also be advised that if your student receives discipline referrals, has poor attendance, or does not maintain passing grades while attending Alvarado ISD, you may be asked to withdraw your student from the District. DO NOT WITHDRAW your student from the current school until the approval process is complete.

*Please note , if your student is approved as a transfer student, Alvarado ISD will not provide transportation.

Please contact Griselda Ponce at with any questions.